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Command line





The command line options available in MPad.

NOTE that more advanced combinations of command line options are not supported.

E.g. TextEd <file 1> /MULTI <file 2> /MONITOR <file 3> , is not going to work. Keep it simple.


RJ TextEd [/MULTI] [/MONITOR][/HEX] [/CP=<code page>] [/C] [/RL] [/L:x] [*] [file 1] [file 2] ...


Command line options

The command line options are not case sensitive. You can just as well use /multi.


Open a new instance of the program. All files added to the command line will be opened in the new window.

          TextEd /MULTI "File.txt" (will open the File.txt in a new instance.)


Open files as log-files and start monitoring the files.

          TextEd /MONITOR "F:\MyLogFile.log" (will open the log file and start the monitoring.)


Open the given files in hex mode. The files are treated as binary files.

/CP=<code page>

Open a file using a specified encoding or code page.

          TextEd /CP=65001 "File.txt" (will open the file as UTF-8 encoded.)


Close the files given as parameter if they are open.


Reload the file if it is already opened. Otherwise just open the file.


Position the text cursor at line x.

          TextEd /L:8 "File.txt" (will open File.txt and position the text cursor on line 8.)


Use * to open several files.

          TextEd "F:\Source\*.cpp" (will open all files in the \Source\ folder with the file extension .cpp.)

<file> <file> ...

Open one or several files.

          TextEd "myfile1.txt" "myfile2.txt" "myfile3.txt"







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