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Find and replace






The search bar is located at the bottom of the main window. The search bar has the same function as the modal window.


Most options are fairly standard and found in most editors, but there may be some that need an explanation.



Preserve Case

Use this options to replace text in your document and preserve the casing of the replaced text.


          Find                              : "member_name"

          Replace with                    : "auth_fullname"


          member_name          => auth_fullname

          Member_Name          => Auth_Fullname

          MEMBER_NAME          => AUTH_FULLNAME

As you can see above - member_name is replaced by auth_name, while MEMBER_NAME  is replaced by AUTH_FULLNAME. The case of the text is preserved even when replaced.


Skip strings

Text inside strings are ignored.


Skip comments

Text in line comments and comment blocks are ignored.


Skip tags

Code inside tags are ignored. This option can be useful in HTML or XML code if you only want to search text between the tags and not inside the tags them selfs.


Regular expressions

For more info on regular expressions go to

It is possible to use some replace variables like $0 .. $3, $Count, $DateTime, $Date and $Time.

$0 can be used to capture the found expression and $1 .. $3 to capture groups.


Find                    : (\d{3,4})[- ]?(\d{4})[- ]?(\d{4})[- ]?(\d{4})

Replace          : $1 xxxx xxxx xxxx


Text                    : Your credit card number is 123 4567 8912 3456


After replace          : Your credit card number is 123 xxxx xxxx xxxx


Date and time variables can be used to insert the current date and time.









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